Photos from the April Meeting

Except for the first photo, these were taken at the April 21, 2001 meeting of the Pacific Northwest Region. We ate at the Cabbage Patch Restaurant in Snohomish and then toured to Lake Stevens to visit the local museum.

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What a view! Jim Feiten & Sabrina Brakensick's Nash Cliff Bergstrom, Ed Kettner, Bob Watson, Doug Patton, & Ernie Jones (left to right) looking over Ernie's Nash. Sylvia, Pauline (our First Lady), and Pat
Around the meeting table at the Cabbage Patch  

Sabrina Brakensick and Severt Easterby going incognito

   Just like a kid! Cliff Bergstrom
Severt Easterby, Doug Patton, Pauline Gumbinger, Bob Watson, Pat Watson, Ed Kettner & Sylvia (left to right at table). Standing: our waitress and Jerry Knutsen Severt Easterby showing off his raffle prize Severt and Doug. No, it wasn't the food! Jim Feiten is just playing with his new digital camera!
Our waitress with John and Pauline Gumbinger Oh what a sight! Nothing like a drive in the country. Pauline Gumbinger and Cliff Bergstrom in the parking lot at Lake Stevens