Meeting at the Lynden, Washington

April 20, 2002

Ed Kettner's 1948 Ambassador Paul & Frankie Van Dyke's 1957 Ambassador 1957 Ambassador Hood Ornament
1957 Ambassador Farina Badge Burt & Barbara Horman's 1950 Ambassador 1950 Ambassador Hood Ornament
Terry and Lu Davies' 1957 Ambassador One of the many wagons in the Lynden Museum's collection. 1928 Willys-Knight, Lynden Museum Collection
1956 Packard Clipper 1927 Davis (made in Richmond, Indiana, 1908-29) 1926 Studebaker
Willys-Knight hood ornament 1948 Indian Chief
A wagon in the Lynden Museum collection Cash register in the Lynden Museum collection Box of Whiz Stop Leak radiator compound in the Lynden Museum collection